Wendy interviewingWendy Short has been writing features and news stories and taking photographs for almost two decades. Her work has covered a variety of rural topics and technical articles on subjects including: farm livestock; arable crops; scientific studies; poultry; pigs and business.

Here are a few examples

Photo for: Living Salads

Living Salads

An award-winning mixed salad, sold still growing in its tray, is already being stocked by one of the major supermarkets following a launch last May, and production is set to double next spring.
Published in Farmers Weekly magazine

Photo for: 'Noble' Limousins

'Noble' Limousins

Limousin cattle breeder, Andrew and his wife, Fiona moved to Grange Hall, Great Asby in 2002, after leaving the family farming partnership to set up on their own. Since their arrival, two new cattle sheds have been erected to house the 105 mainly Limousin suckler cows and their offspring over the winter.
Published in British Limousin Society Journal

Photo for: March Hare Foods

March Hare Foods

Quality food products are usually developed in the home kitchen and only move into industrial premises when regular orders start to come in. However Colin and Julia Whitham have taken a very different route. They bought an established business catering for the public sector, which they have used as a springboard to develop their range of March Hare ready-meals, aimed at delicatessens and farm shops.
Published in Artisan magazine

Photo for: Life After Gamekeeping

Life After Gamekeeping

Isolated working conditions, long hours and financial uncertainty are not just issues affecting farming. They can also apply to gamekeepers, ghillies and stalkers, and that's why Helen Benson set up the Gamekeeper Welfare Network last year. So far, Helen has helped more than 40 families, advising on problems ranging from redundancy, to health and relationship difficulties. Wendy Short paid her a visit.
Published in Farmers Weekly magazine

Photo for: Mole Catching

Mole Catching

A semi-retired farmer from County Durham is finding that demand for his mole-catching expertise is on the increase.
Published in Farmers Weekly magazine